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Success!! (Well, Kinda...)

I'm pleased (and rather proud, actually) to report that on Wednesday 3rd October, 2012 at 8am on a rather cold morning in Africa, I reached the summit of the highest freestanding mountain in the World.

I've raised over 3000 for Alice's Escapes so far and overall the team has raised a massive 52,000!! Not bad, huh?

But what about the Yeti??

Well! We'd been trekking for days, sleeping as best we could in icy tents on thin foam mats. I had seen little evidence of any life save for the tiny four-striped mouse and a couple of bats. I was beginning to lose hope.

We reached Barranco Camp on day 3. I was exhausted after one of our most challenging days - we climbed to the Lava Tower only to be caught in a blizzard. I was grateful for my waterproofs but others in the group weren't so lucky. I slept late that morning and rose as the sun was breaking over the great Barranco Wall which was to be our next challenge.

And that's when I saw him.

He stood peering at our crew from a distance, statue-like in the new sunlight. He was formidable. Glorious. He looked just like my picture at the bottom right of this page (That's right... The one saying 'Grrrr').

I hurried breakfast and set off to scramble up the Barranco Wall... I was determined to catch him...

But I was too late. By the time I reached the spot he once stood, there was nothing but a tower of rocks.

I kept a close eye out over the coming days, but when we reached the summit, I knew I was defeated and the Yeti had eluded me again.

At least this time he allowed me a picture. Wherever he runs to next, I will find him.

Why You're Here (Background for those who are wondering if I'm crazy...)

Last year, for my thirtieth birthday, I was promised a Yeti

Jonathan took me up into the Himalayas to the foot of the mighty Everest in search of the elusive Abominable Snowman, but our search was in vain. Despite finding several traces of yeti poo (cunningly disguised as yak poo), obvious yeti tracks (he'd stolen some large hiking boots) and admiring a yeti scalp at Khumjung, we weren't able to actually find the Yeti. So, given mine and Jonathan's expert tracking skills coupled with our extensive knowledge of the animal (we read the whole Wikipedia page), I can only ascertain that the sneaky bugger has moved.

Therefore, for my next expedition I shall be scouring Mount Kilimanjaro for my Yeti. Obviously, one can't just jet off on a whim to such places, so I've decided to travel under the guise of raising money for my cousin's charity - Alice's Escapes. I now need to raise 5000 to fund my mission. This is where you come in! Please help me to deliver my lifetime ambition of being the first lady to ever face the Yeti and sponsor me the very most you can afford right here (or for those who want the proper link). This will take you to my Just Giving page so you can split with some pounds and contribute to the cause. Incidentally, you'll also be helping to raise lots of money for Alice's Escapes (Registered Charity Number 1146011 which is a fantastic charity who provide much needed breaks to some seriously poorly children and their families.

For clarification, the Yeti will not be harmed. I'm going to take him to my house and use him to dust the high places I can't reach. He's furry and tall, see.

How You Can Help

The biggest and hugest way you can help is by sponsoring me

Any amount will help. Remember, your contribution will help with my vital Yeti research. Oh yes, and it will help to fund a nice new caravan so that Alice's Escapes can help terminally and seriously ill children and their families enjoy the break they need lots.

The next way you can help is by telling all your friends so that they can come and help too. Share my website on Facebook. Tweet it from the virtual rooftops. Tell as many people as you can. My target is 5000 which is a massive amount and I need all the help I can get.

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