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The Yeti Diaries

28th March 2012

No Yetis




(I promise this will get more interesting!)

31st March 2012

Received key information regarding Yetis from Prof. Iain Manderson, who appears to be expert in field.

Apparently, Yetis can be lured with chocolate.

However, given the fact that I struggle to share a bar of Dairy Milk with my own mother, have dismissed this method as ineffective.

Shall have to obtain bigger net.

3rd April 2012

Yeti Hunting Packing list:

  • Warm furry hat
  • Big Yeti catching net
  • 3 x bars of Fruit & Nut
  • Picture of Yeti (to recognise him)
  • Spare socks

20th May 2012

Yeti hunt plans are going slowly. Thus far, funding for the expedition is lacking and I fear I might not be able to raise the capital at all.

There must be a way to raise more funds.

I wonder if anyone would consider purchasing my liver if I pop it on EBay?


24th June 2012

Well! I've had a busy few weeks canvassing support for the Yeti Hunt from local businesses in Barrow & Lancaster. Massive thanks to those who've pledged support so far, including:

  • Lancaster Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Destination Cycles
  • Cash in a Dash
  • The Coffee Bean
  • Shoe Boutique
  • Yummy Cupcake Company
  • Expressions Gift Shop

And a lot more have agreed to look into how they can help.
We're off to find a Yeti...

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